Rutland County Museum is closed until further notice due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Megan’s Blog


My name is Megan Gard and I am the new Finds Liaison Officer for Leicestershire and Rutland. Having only taken up the post a few weeks before lockdown began, I have unfortunately not been able to meet with the majority of my clubs and finders, but I am keen to do so once it is safe and restrictions are lifted.
Although I have not had the opportunity to meet with most of you and see your lovely finds, I am still keen to record these during lockdown. I am currently working from home, so if you would like to record some of your finds with me, I am able to do this over email. If I could receive an image of each side of the object, its length and width, if possible its thickness, the weight of the object and a findspot/grid reference; I will be able to create a full record.
Don’t hesitate to drop me an email with the above details to

‘LEIC-57A092 Recorded via email on 14th April 2020’ – Copyright: The Portable Antiquities Scheme; CC-BY licence

I hope everyone stays safe and well, I look forward to meeting you all and hope to see you all soon.

All the best,


Welcome our Finds Liaison Officer

Megan Gard, FLO Rutland & Leicestershire

My name is Megan and I am the new Finds Liaison Officer for Rutland and Leicestershire. I am based here at Rutland County Museum. It is my job to record small finds of archaeological interest found by members of the public, which are over 300 years old, also recorded are objects which qualify as treasure under the Treasure Act 1996.

All objects that are recorded go onto the Portable Antiquities Scheme Database where they can be viewed by members of the public. Each object receives its own record, included within this is a description of the object and its function, date range, measurements, an image and a findspot (although at least a six figure grid reference must be provided, it can only be seen to a four figure grid reference by the general public).

I am looking forward to seeing a range of objects related to Rutland and Leicestershire’s past and I am more than happy for people to contact me if they have found anything of interest, whether it be made of metal, flint or ceramic.

I can be contacted via email or telephone on 01572758131 or 07973854977.

Please see important information from The British Museum below

Following government advice, Portable Antiquities Scheme staff are unlikely to be able to meet in person with finders to take in finds or undertake other outreach work. Most Portable Antiquities Scheme staff, including Finds Liaison Officers, will remain contactable by email, so therefore can advise on the recording of finds or the reporting of Treasure. It might be that we ask finders to hold on to their finds (keeping a good record of the findspot in accordance with the Code of Practice for Responsible Metal-Detecting in England and Wales) for full recording at a later date. For new finds of potential Treasure finders should notify their local Finds Liaison Officer and/or British Museum treasure team (in England) by email, with photographs of the object and full details of the findspot, finders and landowners details, and await further instruction.