My name is Megan Gard and I am the new Finds Liaison Officer for Leicestershire and Rutland. Having only taken up the post a few weeks before lockdown began, I have unfortunately not been able to meet with the majority of my clubs and finders, but I am keen to do so once it is safe and restrictions are lifted.
Although I have not had the opportunity to meet with most of you and see your lovely finds, I am still keen to record these during lockdown. I am currently working from home, so if you would like to record some of your finds with me, I am able to do this over email. If I could receive an image of each side of the object, its length and width, if possible its thickness, the weight of the object and a findspot/grid reference; I will be able to create a full record.
Don’t hesitate to drop me an email with the above details to

‘LEIC-57A092 Recorded via email on 14th April 2020’ – Copyright: The Portable Antiquities Scheme; CC-BY licence

I hope everyone stays safe and well, I look forward to meeting you all and hope to see you all soon.

All the best,