Jack of All Trades

Every now and again we find an object in our stores which is out of the ordinary, one such being this. Identified as a ‘Wooden Box with Tools’ on the label its initial purpose was not obvious. It presented a slightly odd wedge shape, which when opened out created a fluted notch. A pair of offset pegs prevented it being laid flat though. A pair of recesses inside contained a pair of folding boot pulls which revealed its purpose as being a boot jack. One pull has an eyelet whilst the other has a laces hook. This seems to have been the usual arrangement for this kind of boot jack.
It may have been used by someone involved with the yeomanry or the hunt. Unfortunately extensive research has failed to establish its origins or previous owner.

Folded Boot Jack
Folding Boot Jack Opened Out with contents
Boot Jack showing dual purpose button hook boot pullers.
Boot Jack ready to use