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Kids Crafts

1. Teddy Bear Picnic Crafts

Here are some crafts to help you organise your own teddy bear’s picnic, either in the house, or out in the garden.
All you need is a printer, some thick paper or thin card, scissors, glue, string, elastic and felt tip pens and/or colouring pencils.
Click on the images to download the templates.

Teddy Bear’s Picnic Bunting
Decorate your picnic area with this themed bunting. Colour in as many triangles as you need, fold back the top section and glue onto a length of string.

Teddy Bear Mask
Colour in your own bear mask – wear it at your picnic or use it as a decoration!

Teddy Bear Paper Doll
Make your own teddy bear doll – colour it in, draw on a face and some clothes – it can join you on your picnic! Why not make a set of them?

Colouring Card / Invite
A charming picture to colour in! Send it to someone special – or you could use it as an invite for your picnic (give it to someone in your house.)

Go on a Bear Hunt!
Print, cut out and hide the bears around the house and/or garden.

Bear Hunt Sheet
Bears for Hiding

2. Second World War / V.E. Day Crafts

Commemorate and celebrate this year’s 75th anniversary of V.E. Day with our selection of Second World War themed activities and crafts.
All you need is a printer, some thick paper or thin card, scissors, string, elastic and felt tip pens and/or colouring pencils.
You can either download individual activities (click on the images) or the whole pack at the end.

‘Mickey Mouse’ Gas Mask
Why not colour your mask red and blue to make it look like a child’s World War Two ‘Mickey Mouse’ gas mask? Even though this type of gas mask didn’t really look like the cartoon mouse, the bright colours and the friendly name helped to make it less frightening for small children.

Propaganda Posters
During the Second World War, the government used posters to get its messages over to the public. There was no television or internet to do this! Colour in these wartime posters, you can add other details if you wish. Why not design your own poster? Can you come up with your own slogan?

Not so Easy!

Word Search Puzzles
Two puzzles (one easy, one not so easy!) containing wartime words associated with food, farming and rationing. Have a competition with your family to see who is quickest to find them all!

Union Jack Bunting
Make your own Union Jack bunting for your V.E. Day celebrations. Colour in as many triangles as you need. Punch a hole in the two top corners. Thread the triangles through some string or ribbon, you might want to alternate large and small triangles.

V.E. Day Activity Pack

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