Children’s Activities

Summer Craft Bags

Unfortunately we shall not be running our summer workshops this year. However, we have produced craft bags which are packed with materials to create seven or more different crafts. Everything is included to enable children to design and create masks, jigsaw puzzles, glasses, headwear, decorations and pictures. They will keep the little ones occupied for many hours and will help to foster their imagination and creativity. The bags are suitable for 4 – 10 year olds.

The bags cost just £2.50 and can be purchased direct from the museum, please check the website for the latest opening times. We are unable to post bags out. The bags are available from Wednesday 7 July onwards.

Summer Museum Hunts

Throughout the summer we shall have one of our popular free hunts available around the museum. These will change on a regular basis. If you’re successful you’ll win a sticker! You’ll also be given your own special pencil which you can keep!

Currently Available: Farm Animal Hunt
Can you find the nine farm animals?

Summer Holiday Crafts to Print at Home

Why not try some of these holiday themed crafts at home? All you need is a printer, some thick paper or thin card, scissors, glue, felt tip pens and/or colouring pencils and a few other basic materials.
Click on the images to download the templates.

‘At the Beach’ Colouring Sheet
Colour in this beach scene – why not draw in your own family on holiday!

Holiday Souvenir Plate
Create your own summer holiday souvenir – write in the name of your favourite destination. You will need a small paper plate for this one.

Mosaic Sun Decoration
Colour in the small shapes in lots of different colours, cut out the circles and glue back to back. Thread through a piece of string/wool at the top for hanging up.

Make Your Own Postcards!
Cut out the two postcards. Draw a picture on the backs. Write a message on the other side and the addresses of who you would like to give them to.

Sealife Mobile
Colour in a selection of sealife pictures. Cut out and glue back to back. Thread through a piece of string/wool at the top of each one. Tie them onto a stick/tree branch to create your mobile.

Decorate Your Own Seashell
Colour in and decorate with any stickers and fancy papers you may have!

Punch & Judy Theatre: Put on a Show!
Colour in this theatre front, cut it out and glue it onto some thick card or cardboard to create a three-sided standing theatre.

Punch & Judy Puppets
A selection of your favourite Punch & Judy characters to colour in. Cut them out, glue onto lolly sticks and put on a show in your hand-made theatre!