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The Second World War:
We’ll Eat Again! Food and Farming during the Second World War

These resources look at some of the ways in which Britain coped with low food supplies during the Second World War. There are many echoes with what we are experiencing now. Slogans such as ‘Dig for Victory’, ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ and ‘Lend a Hand on the Land’, seem to be just as relevant and important today as they were back then.

1: Food Rationing
What was rationed? How much did you get? Were there any benefits from rationing? What was the role of the Ministry of Food?

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Potato Pete and Doctor Carrot

The Ministry of Food produced a series of posters featuring ‘Potato Pete’ and ‘Doctor Carrot’ to encourage people to eat what was available. Recipe books were also written to give advice on how best to serve them.

‘Doctor Carrot’
Carrots were widely used as a substitute for more scarce commodities. To improve their blandness the Ministry encouraged people to ‘enjoy’ the carrot in different ways. They suggested curried carrot, carrot jam and a homemade drink called Carrolade (made up from the juices of carrots and swede).

‘Potato Pete’
Potato Pete even had his own song to get the message across:
Potatoes new. Potatoes old,
Potato (in a salad) cold,
Potatoes baked or mashed or fried,
Potatoes whole, potato pied,
Enjoy them all including chips,
Remembering spuds don’t come in ships.

Food Rationing Worksheet
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Pupils can use the booklet and poster to find the answers and complete the poster.

‘Dig for Victory’ Resources on page 2…