We have a volunteer programme where participants can engage in aspects of museum and heritage work including collection care, cataloguing, photographing, researching our collections and helping with children’s workshops.

We have different types of volunteers such as those which come in on an individual basis, students and those affiliated to the Oakham branch of The Arts Society. If you would like further information about The Arts Society and the work that they do, please do take a look at their website at www.theartssociety.org

The Arts Society Museum afternoon Volunteer Group working on the ephemera collection
Group of The Arts Society volunteers working on the ephemera collection

Rutland Maps

Our early collections of early Rutland Maps have been identified, scanned, catalogued and re-packaged. These maps include 1611 John Speed, 1836 Thomas Moule and 1724 Herman Moll – to name a few. Many of these can now be viewed in our Online Catalogue and can be found by viewing the Maps (which may be found under the Archive section).

Matkins Ephemera Collection

We have a large collection of printed material dating from the late 19th Century from Matkins Printers, Oakham. Our volunteers have re-packaged, re-numbered and produced a catalogue of all items. These items can now be seen on our Online Catalogue and can be found by viewing the Printed ephemera (which may be found under the Archive section).

Textile Collection

The Museum has a largely unseen textile collection and our volunteers are identifying, cataloguing, photographing and re-packaging. This is an ongoing project and information about the collection will be added to the searchable Online Catalogue as items are updated and can be found by viewing the Costume & Textiles.

Roman Rutland Exhibition

An exhibition of Roman objects found around Rutland was developed, researched and displayed during the summer of 2013. This exhibition was particularly popular with local school groups studying the Roman period.

Cataloguing and identification of archaeological material

Many of the archaeology objects have been catalogued by our volunteers. Photographs have been added to the catalogue where possible and the objects re-packaged. A collection of Roman finds from Thistleton have been sorted and catalogued as part of this project.

Collection Care

All the large agricultural equipment is currently being cleaned and consolidated using the advice of a conservator. This is ensuring that the collections remain in good condition and available for future generations.

One of our volunteers working on our Ferguson tractor

Whilst work was taking place at Oakham Castle the opportunity was taken to catalogue and record the famous collection of presentation Horseshoes. Our volunteers and staff carefully cleaned, conserved and photographed all of the horseshoes.

Conserving the Horseshoes
Conserving the Horseshoes


Volunteers have helped to update and develop many of the displays you see in the museum. Their work has included everything from research to interpretation and display.

Adam Lowe who researched and developed the Rutland Constabulary case on the Balcony
Adam Lowe who researched and developed the Rutland Constabulary case on the Balcony

We would like to say thank you to all our volunteers who have worked so hard for us over the years!

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